About Us

Powhatan Group is a unique client-centered consulting firm, confident in its ability to provide unparalleled access to excellence in resources. Powhatan Group is your point-of-contact to an expansive network of subject matter specialists and academicians, assembled as a customized team to ensure your specific needs are met with maximum fit.

Unparalleled access to experts is truly what sets Powhatan Group apart from other safety and security-consulting firms. In addition to accomplishing tasks set forth in each project, Powhatan Group provides its clients with:

  • Flexibility
    Continuous monitoring process throughout project execution allows for adjustments to meet emerging needs of client organizations.
  • Accessibility
    Open communication channels with clients are maintained throughout each project.
  • Diversity
    Draw from a diverse team of professionals representing government; law and law enforcement; business; industry; academia; the nonprofit sector; military, and other fields.
  • Value
    Affording the maximum return on investment while meeting stated goals in the shortest possible timeframe.