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The expertise of the Powhatan Group team covers many disciplines, while always keeping focus on the specialized safety, security and training needs of our clients to deliver unrivaled results. Powhatan Group’s research and insights page showcases the unique thought leadership of our specialists, and highlights the results experienced through their collaboration with clients. You are invited to utilize the research made available here in the spirit of assisting you to make effective and informed business decisions for you and your company.

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Engaging the Private Sector To Promote Homeland Security

Since the attacks of September 11, 2001, law enforcement-private security partnerships have been viewed as critical to preventing terrorism and terror-related acts. Because the private sector owns and protects 85 percent of the nation’s infrastructure, while local law enforcement often possesses threat information regarding infrastructure, law enforcement- private security partnerships can put vital information into the hands of the people who need it. Thus, to effectively protect the nation’s infrastructure, law enforcement and private security must work collaboratively because neither possesses the necessary resources to do so alone.

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